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BRANDT specialty nutrition products available in UK

Photo courtesy of BRANDT

An Illinois-based Ag services business with a connection to Iowa will now have a presence in the United Kingdom.

BRANDT, a leading retailer of professional agronomic services and manufacturer of specialty input products, will soon begin working with Hockley Agro UK to have its proprietary plant nutrition products distributed in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Hockley Agro UK, a division of Hockley International Ltd., is a leading distributor of crop protection products with production based in Manchester, England.

Tim McArdle is a member of BRANDT’s Board of Directors. In a recent interview with the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, McArdle said BRANDT products are available through approved distributors throughout the U.S. and in 51 countries around the world.

“We at BRANDT are a full-service retailer,” McArdle said. “We try to help our customers solve their problems, help them with their needs, and meet them where they are in that process.”

BRANDT will look to distribute its proprietary Manni-Plex and Smart System foliar lines through the agreement with Hockley. The products will be targeted by potato, tomato, fruit, oil seed, and cereal producers. BRANDT Smart System advanced compatibility foliar nutrients are applied with post-emergent herbicides and help mitigate crop stress. BRANDT Manni-Plex high performance foliar nutrients deliver essential micronutrients and help improve quality to yield.

Sales and commercial development will be led by Peter Rosevere, Sales Director Hockley Agro UK, and supported by Christine Bassaber, BRANDT’s Director Specialty Products – Europe & Africa.

BRANDT expanded into Iowa in 2020 after it acquired the Morton Fertilizer location in Grand Mound. McArdle says BRANDT is proud to be a family company that serves growers around the globe.

“BRANDT is an independent retailer located in Springfield, Illinois,” McArdle said. “We have been in business since 1953. We operate 27 retail outlets, most around Springfield or up in McLean County around Bloomington, Illinois.”

Visit BRANDT’s website to learn more about the recent news out of the UK.