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Brandt helps GA farmer achieve record soybean yield

Photo Courtesy of Randy Dowdy

A Georgia soybean farmer credits a Midwest company in helping him achieve a record soybean yield.

Randy Dowdy, of Valdosta, GA, broke the world soybean yield record in 2016 with 171 bushels per acre. Dowdy told Ag Web investment in seed treatment played a vital role in achieving the world record. Karl Barnhart, Chief Marketing Officer for Brandt, said Dowdy applied three Brandt products.

“There was N-Boost which is a nitrogen stabilizer and boosting product that is foliar applied. There is Smart Quatro which is another set of micronutrients, usually applied with the herbicide treatment. The third product was another micronutrient, called Smart B-Mo, which is a boron and molybdenum product,” Barnhart said.

Barnhart said Smart Quatro offers advantages when it comes to tank mix capability.

“It mixes with a wide range of herbicides,” Barnhart said. “It’s the next generation beyond our Smart Trio which is mostly mixed with glyphosate. With Quatro, we tried to extend the level of herbicides because we know farmers are using more stuff in their tanks every day.”

Barnhart said farmers like Dowdy choose Brandt products because they work.

“We’re a midwestern company; we have midwestern values,” Barnhart said. “We’re not putting snake oil in a bottle. The stuff has science behind it. It works and helps farmers improve their yield…it’s all about helping farmers increase revenue on their farm.”