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Brandon Monebrake, Oct. 23

We’re about finished with beans. I think we have about 60 acres left and it just started raining about 15 minutes ago. We had two tenths on Sunday two weeks ago and we got back in the next day.

We ran about 100 acres of corn while we were waiting on some beans and then we switched back over to beans. We are very happy with the bean crop. It turned out to be pretty decent and over all of our acres it is averaging around 61 or 62 bushels. We were not expecting that. The beans in New Paris were terrific and they were later and the last rain really helped them a lot. Our best beans, though, were the earliest beans and they were 69 and 70 bushels.

Once we got off of the fencerows, the fields were a lot cleaner than we thought they would be when we got back in them. The field we finished yesterday is usually a really bad horseweed farm and there were only a few right up by the road. We sprayed twice and got them under control this year.

We’re going to try and get some more corn run here around home and cross our fingers and hope we can get the last beans in the next week. Today they are calling for an inch of rain but the radar looks like we might get more than that. There is a lot of yellow coming. There is a good chance of rain through Thursday so that would take care of getting much done this week.  Hopefully some of the rain holds off.

We are getting ready to work on the auger tractor and our grain cart tractor needs work too. Other than that, the combine is running well.

It would be nice to get another couple weeks of warmer weather to dry the corn. Our earliest corn is at 21% and we have a later corn that is two points drier. I guess it all depends on what it had to go through.