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Brandon Monebrake, April 24

We are cleaning out beans from grain bins today. We still have a lot of corn left in storage waiting for higher prices. We’re holding quite a bit to see what we can do.

We got a bunch of rain Thursday night— 1.6 inches. We got the most rain around here right at the house. The amount of rain drops off in two miles in every direction. The rain came overnight and we didn’t have ponding, but there are some farms around us that had ponding. That set us back. If you go towards Greeneville it missed them completely and they are dry. We have a test plot for Brodbeck up by Anderson’s ethanol plant up off of 127. That planted really nice last week. If you go south, they only got an inch or less. We are hoping to start on the farms to the south and hopefully start planting corn tomorrow.

Neighbors of ours have 250 acres of corn in the ground. Other neighbors have about 150 acres of each corn and beans in now and another farm has 300 acres of corn in. We have been holding off because we knew that this last weekend was going to have some cooler temperatures and we didn’t want to have those seeds in the ground for the colder weather. The coldest I saw this weekend was 40 degrees.

Right now things are looking good and we are getting ready to roll. We’re going to get the corn going and once we get that started, I will spray the corn until I get a couple of fields ahead. Then, hopefully at the end of the week, I will plant soybeans. It wasn’t really warm this weekend but with the wind blowing and the sun, it dried out a good bit on top in the bean stubble. If you get down into it a little, it is sticky but not muddy. The corn stubble is still wet.

We have been focused on spraying trying to get the burndown done so when we start planting all we have to do is spray the 28%. The bean ground is starting to look good. The weeds are starting to curl up and turn yellow.

The weeds aren’t bad, but they are worse than what we usually get started with. We didn’t want to spray it too early before the beans. Last year we sprayed early and we got the beans in the ground, but before they shaded out the ground the weeds came back hard. We waited on spraying this year so we plant closer to when we sprayed.