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Blockchain technology to track beef

Photo Courtesy of IBM

When a consumer picks up a package of steak at the grocery store, they don’t know any more than they can see. The product is labeled with the USDA Grade and there is usually a logo such as Certified Angus Beef along with the weight and price, but that’s it.

What about where the animal was raised, how it was raised, how long ago was the animal harvested and shipped?

IBM is promoting blockchain technology as a way to provide information from pasture to plate.

Is this coming to your farm or ranch? It’s up to you, according to the promoters of blockchain. Some retailers are already demanding more accountability through the supply chain and this may be a way to provide it.
When you think IBM, you probably don’t think beef. That may change thanks to IBM Food Trust’s “blockchain” initiative. Blocks of information form a chain—and in this case the information is about beef, from pasture to plate.  Here is the audio from their information video, narrated by Bob Severa.

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