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Block: “Check your yearbook”

Photo courtesy of OFW Law

Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture John Block is from Illinois, but lives in Virginia.

Block is a Republican, but speaks up for the Democratic governor after a racially charged week where his own party called for him to resign. He then encourages other to, “check your yearbook.”

“We all live with a new reality today. Nothing is secret, and if you are in government or in a high-level executive position, someone will be out to bring you down,” Block said. “Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been exposed in a black face racist photograph, in a 1984 medical school yearbook. There you see a black face guy beside a Ku Klux Klan person. Shocked to see the picture in the news, Governor Northam said he had never seen the yearbook picture, but agreed that it could be his picture. The next day he said he didn’t think it was his picture. He did admit that year he had blackened his face to do a Michael Jackson dance.”

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