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Bison continuing to grow and thrive on their home grounds

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bison are truly the mammal of North America and the United States. Some may call them the buffalo, but according to the National Bison Association, there is no difference. However, there definitely is a difference in certain kinds of buffalo. That is one of the domestic issues facing buffalo ranchers in the United States.

Audio: Full Interview with Dave Carter & Dick Gehring.

National Bison Association Executive Director Dave Carter says the industry is continuing to see growth as more consumers are eating bison products.

Like any other commodity, they are not without their issues. Right now the National Bison Association is working to get clarity in just what is labeled as “buffalo”. There are imports of foreign water buffalo meat for both human and pet food consumption. Carter says they are trying to get clarity between water buffalo and bison.

Bison Producer Dick Gehring says like the many cattle producers, bison ranchers dealt with wet conditions in much of their grazing areas. Gehring says as native species to this land, bison can adapt to less than ideal conditions very well.

As the North American winters roll in, this adaptation serves the bison well. While other producers must step up their efforts to care for their animals, bison producers can be assured their animals are well suited to take care of themselves.

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