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Bird flu in Tennessee..authorities react

Agribusiness Matters 3-7-17

Facts of the Avian Influenza in Tennessee are coming to light.
The culprit is unknown but it is presumed to be a migratory bird that spread a virus to a domestic poultry flock.

Human health and food safety are not in jeopardy. Officials have responded quickly with training they received in Minnesota and Iowa based on the outbreak here in 2015.

The incident is isolated at this time. Regional flocks have tested negative, but precautions remain in effect for at least seven days.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture held a news conference on Monday to address a single outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Lincoln county in Eastern Tennessee.

Jay Templeton is the Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture he said,¬†“I want to reassure all of you that this particular strain of avian influenza poses no risk to the food supply. This is not the type to be known to humans, nor is it the type that affected the Midwest in 2015.”

State Veterinarian Dr. Charlie Hatcher explained his reaction to the disease outbreak. “One of the keys to controlling this particular highly pathogenic strain, is to depopulate within 24 hours of confirmation and that’s exactly what has happened in this case.”

At this point, no other flocks have shown any illness from HPAI.

Listen to full HPAI News Conference