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Bill limiting livestock lawsuits heads to Iowa house

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A bill could make it harder for neighbors of livestock operations to sue them in nuisance cases if it passes both Iowa chambers.

The Iowa Senate passed a bill limiting livestock nuisance lawsuits Tuesday evening. The bill passed the Senate 31 of the 50.

Senate File 447 allows an operation to defend itself if they are being accused of interfering with a person’s enjoyment of life or property. 

Republican Dan Zumbach of Ryan, heads the Iowa Senate Agriculture Committee. He told the Des Moines Register earlier this week, the legislation is designed to protect animal agriculture.

“This is an economic development bill,” Zumbach said, “It will help rural communities by allowing more farmers to be involved in animal agriculture.

Groups who support the bill include The Iowa Pork Producers Association, Smithfield Foods, Iowa Corn Growers Association, the Coalition to Protect the Rural Economy, and several insurance companies.

Those opposed include the Iowa Environmental Council, Iowa Association for Justice, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund, and Iowa Rivers Revival.

The bill has to clear the House Ag Committee by the end of the month or will not be considered.