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Big equipment calls for big tires

by Ben Nuelle

In farming, today you either go big or go home. Bigger farms mean bigger equipment which means bigger tires.

Brad Harris is a field engineer for Firestone Ag.

He says with bigger equipment their starting to see a need for their new 82 line of tires.

“It’s an advanced deflection design which follows the IF and VF load formulas. An IF tire carries 20 percent more load than a standard radial tire. The VF carries 40 percent more load at the same inflation pressure as a standard. Needing these heavier and heavier loads we are addressing it with tires that have the right technology to carry those loads.”

Most farmers are strapped with cash due to the lagging farm economy.

Harris says there a few things you can do to maintain those tires.

“When we go through the winter, when we are storing [equipment], make sure we’ve got air in the tire so that when we go in the spring to move it it’s not sitting flat having the rim cut into the tire. It never hurts to put more air in the tire when you are going into the storage aspect of things that way in the spring when we are pulling it out we are not damaging those tires when we are going to service the equipment.”

Harris attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in Kansas City in early November.