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Biden’s 30×30 plan discussed at PLC annual meeting

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Public Lands Council is keeping a close eye on President Biden’s 30×30 plan of conserving 30% of the nation’s land and waters by the year 2030.

During the Public Land Council’s recent virtual annual meeting, PLC vice president Mark Roeber said making sure PLC – including its members who utilize federal lands for livestock grazing – is a part of the discussion is a top priority.

“There’s going to be things along the way that we’ll say, ‘we could maybe live with that’ and things where we say, ‘not so much,’” said Roeber. “That was reaffirmed today, and I think we will continue down that road where we’re willing to be a part of the solution. We keep telling this administration that.”

Roeber says the dialogue between ranchers and state/federal officials on the 30×30 plan is critical in helping the PLC keep livestock on federal lands.

“I think PLC has to be an active participant,” said Roeber. “If nothing else, more of a mediation team. Each state has got different issues and each district office has different issues. It’s hard to have a too broad of policy that just encompasses all as one.”

Roeber adds there’s still optimism within the industry despite a new wave of regulatory issues facing ranchers.

“It’s easy when things look like they are going bad to take the negative route,” said Roeber. “I think (PLC) has taken a positive route and we continue to look for ways to make it better.”

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