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Ben Klick, May 8

We got some frost, but nothing too terrible. It was 34 when I got out of bed this morning. None of the corn we have planted was out of the ground enough for frost to hurt it.

All of the wheat we have is actually in head. I asked grandpa when he saw wheat heads on May 1 before and he said he’d never seen that in his life. The frost may have hurt the wheat a little in the low spots. The poor guys out west have been really taking a hit on their wheat with the snow they had.

When you see lightening in February you will see frost that same day in May. I hope that wives tale is not true, but more often than not they seem to end up being true. Grandpa has May 27 marked on his calendar and he is watching things pretty closely after the lightening storm on Feb 27. I hope for our sake we have a lot more out of the ground by then and that frost could be a real table turner if it happens.

We started planting corn April 24 and planted until the 28th. We got about 275 acres of corn in the ground, which was a pretty good start for us. There were some farms where we were hoping for a little rain on them. Then from the 28th through May 6 we had a little over four inches of rain. We are plenty wet.

This week we’ll be in the low to mid 60s and no chances of rain yet. That may change by lunchtime.

Everything is sprouted and all of the ground we have planted drains pretty well. At the end of the week I expect to be able to drive down the road and row that corn. I am kind of glad we don’t have any beans in the ground yet.

I am standing in some chiseled ground and it is tacky and sticking to my shoes. I think we’ll be lucky to be able to go by the end of the week.