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Ben Klick, April 24

We have some pretty nice weather today here. I am getting a little ground work done, dad is getting the planter ready and we’re going to start planting corn today. A neighbor started planting yesterday on their sand and gravel ground. That is where we are starting today because it is a little dryer. Wednesday night into Thursday we got close to an inch and a half of rain and that set us back over the weekend. Our heavier dirt is around home. We have a neighbor on the east side of the county that started planting last week before the rain.

We are getting the last barn of pack manure cleaned out today. We have a little more chicken manure to spread and when that is done we’ll have a lot to clean out and then we’ll focus on field work and hopefully stay out of the barns for a while.

A couple of guys got some oats planted and the corn planters are all coming out of the barns this week around here. Last year we started on April 25 and we generally like to get in the fields to get some corn in around the 20th of April, especially the longer season hybrids we are going to chop for silage. We will try to get a decent amount of corn out then get some beans planted the end of the week, depending on what rain we get this week.

Last week before the rain we got all of our corn stalks sprayed. We have that seven-day window with 2,4-D to wait on the beans.

Pastures are looking nice with good growth and good grass. Hay is looking nice. A couple of guys are out mowing some rye to wet wrap. We’re looking to get a jump on the corn and get some new spring calves out on pastures.

I hope everyone has a safe and productive spring. I hope the good Lord holds the rains off for at least a little while but doesn’t shut it off for good. We had a little light frost and it was a rude awakening when you walked out of the house in the morning this weekend.

Grandpa told me that if you see lightening in February you get a frost on the same day in May. I hope that he’s not right about that because we had a thunderstorm in late February.