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Bees being used to spread biopesticides in some crops

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Protecting pollinators has been an issue facing agriculture for some time. The trick is to find a way to effectively eliminate crop-destroying pests while not hurting our fuzzy friends the bees. It is a very fine line to walk. Now, a Canadian company is looking at how bees could be our allies in the fight against these unwanted pests.

Greg Faust is with Bee Vectoring Technologies. He says they are taking a natural approach to protect crops by enlisting the very bees we are trying to protect. By using biopesticides, the bees can help us spread weapons against the diseases other pests carry.

Faust explains how they make it work with their Vectorite product.

Right now, they are seeing good results with the Vectorite in fruit crops.

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently approved Vectorite with CR-7. It is the first bee applicated crop protection product on the market. This could be the first step to a whole new crop protection plan.