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Beef stakeholders to meet in Denver this week

Photo by Ben Nuelle

Money Matters 7-11-17

Beef industry stakeholders and cattle organizations are meeting in Denver Tuesday and Wednesday. The U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is holding its second annual meeting.

John Butler is USRSB Chairman. He says the roundtable has developed a direction and framework for the entire industry to participate in producing sustainable beef.

“We have everybody represented to the cow-calf sector, feeding sector, processors, and end-users so we have the entire beef value chain represented at this roundtable.”

Butler says the mission of the group is to understand key indicators important in beef production.

“An indicator might be water. It is a very important we use in each sector. From the cow-calf all the way through to the end-user and to retail and food service, the roundtable looks at the responsibility utilizing that precious resource and how can we measure that, with the goal of improving.”

He says you can’t improve unless you know where you started.

“What we are finding as in many case as an industry and complete industry we are very sustainable but now what we are doing is wanting to validate that and show the good work we are doing.”

The conference is titled “Gaining Momentum.” See the agenda here.

John Butler – USRSB Chair- sustainable beef