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Beef provides high quality nutrition and versatility

Photo courtesy of the Beef Checkoff

Yesterday, we talked about how the beef industry always has to fight misinformation, especially when it comes to questions about sustainability. However, some groups also target another aspect: nutrition. But this is just another one of those baseless claims that has been proven false through years of research. Cattlemen’s Beef Board CEO Greg Hanes said that beef isn’t just extremely nutritious- it’s an essential part of the diet for people of all ages.

One of the primary advantages of beef is its sheer variety of uses. There are many different cuts of beef, many of which can be used for unique dishes. Hanes said that the challenge, then, is showing people how to use those cuts.

However, while everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic, many people were looking for recipes that they can easily cook at home. Hanes said that was a great opportunity for the Beef Checkoff to share their recipes, and that demand for beef has remained high since the lockdown ended.

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