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Beef exports to South Africa strengthening

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Trade has been the focus for the past few months in Agriculture. However, it has been mostly of a negative nature. Buried under the never-ending stories of trade disputes, the U.S.ag products are seeing markets strengthen elsewhere. South Africa is one of those places.

In 2016 South Africa opened its doors to U.S. beef and pork imports. Like many other nations, they aren’t necessarily importing the same meat products that we are used to consuming in America. Cheyenne McEndaffer of the US Meat Export Federation tells us South Africa has quickly become the second largest importer of beef liver.

This doesn’t mean South Africa is not importing steak cuts from the United States. McEndaffer explains this part of the market.

While the pork markets in South Africa have not been as strong, McEndaffer says there is some future potential.