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Be Aware of Power Lines this Harvest

(DES MOINES) – Agriculture is ranked one the most dangerous jobsin the nation. Harvest is fast approaching and everyone needsto pay attention and be aware of his or her surroundings.

Last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more than 500 deaths related to accidents on the farm. Ashton Newman with MidAmerican Energy Company says electrocution is a major cause among those deaths.

“With harvest coming up, we really want to emphasize safety particularly around electricity because we know how quickly accidents can happen,” Newman says.

Find 13 tips regarding electrical safety on their website. A major tip simply involves looking up.

“One of the big ones is watching for overhead powerlines. We refer to the 10 feet rule. Meaning you keep yourself and equipment at least ten feet away from powerlines and equipment. Also, just be aware of the height of your equipment and where it is in comparison to the power lines,” Newman says.

She also says to treat every power line as live until a professional tells you otherwise. Also never cross or move a downed power line and remember to ground an entire electrical system before turning on the power and make sure everything is working properly. Contact your local electric company for more information about electrical safety this harvest season.