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Bayer’s Roundup Ready Xtend products successfully pushed through 2019

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As we look back on 2019, we look at the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned. Nothing we did was normal this year. It seemed the whole growing season was moved along by prayers and wishful thinking. No aspect of your crop plan was immune to these challenges, including your weed control. However, some weed control products pushed through and delivered on the other side.

Alex Zenteno is with Bayer Crop Sciences. We talked about the Xtend products and how they came through 2019. Zenteno says that Xtendimax herbicide showed its value to producers in a tough year.

Going into 2020, there are going to be even more weed control challenges. This will not be any more apparent than in prevent plant acres in 2019. There was no need to fight weeds in fields that had no crops. This means the weeds faced no challenges. However, Zenteno says the Spray Early with Confidence program will be able to handle whatever you throw at it next year. They are so confident that they are willing to back it up with a guarantee it with respray assistance.

Zenteno stresses that herbicides are still just one tool in your weed control toolbox. You really need to be looking at all your tools to be successful.

To learn more about Bayer Crop Sciences and the Roundup Ready Xtend program, log on to their website.