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Bayer’s Acceleron BioRise 2 now available for corn

Photo courtesy of Bayer

As the 2019 growing season has gotten underway, farmers are looking to get the most bang for their buck with their corn. In an environment where margins are tight, they need to make sure the investments they are making in seed, is going to be protected. Bayer is offering the program to help them do just that.

Audio: Full Interview with AJ Hohmann of Bayer at Commodity Classic 

It is common to have a normal two-part treatment on your crops, including fungicides and pesticides. With Bayer’s Acceleron portfolio, they can offer you a four-part approach to crop protection. AJ Hohmann explains more.

This leads to the BioRise program. Bayer has already had the program available for soybeans and other crops, but now they are expanding the program to include corn with BioRise 2.

2018 gave Bayer some strenuous weather conditions in which to test Biorise 2. It rose to the challenge under stressful conditions.

To find out more about the BioRise 2 program for your corn, visit the Acceleron website.