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Bayer salutes agronomic professionals during Agronomy week

Photo courtesy of Bayer

It is truly a team effort to make your operation successful. Besides you, you have the sales teams that get you your inputs, those who do custom applications, government agency workers, and many more who help you make the most out of each year’s crop. Bayer wants to salute all those people who work behind the scenes to support America’s farmers during Agronomy week, April 5th through the 9th.

Pete Uitenbroek is the lead for Dekalb®, Asgrow®, and Deltapine® for Bayer. He talks about the celebration coming next week. The pinnacle of the week will be the Agronothon. That will air from 9 – 11 pm CDT on RFD-TV.

Uitenbroek says that it is about recognizing those individuals who work so hard, year in and year out, to help farmers be successful.

Dekalb®, Asgrow®, and Deltapine® are adding incentives for producers to ask agronomy questions next week. They will be donating $100 dollars for every agronomy question asked during Thursday night’s Agronothon to FFA scholarships. Also, any question asked on social media during the whole week will earn an additional $10 per question to those scholarships. This is a great way to help support those FFA students.

This event is not open to only customers of Dekalb®, Asgrow®, and Deltapine®. Producers can be a part of the celebration, no matter what brands they use. This is about celebrating the hard work of all individuals in the business of agronomy.

You can find more information about the event at AgronomyWeek.com. Also don’t forget to tune into the Agronothon on Thursday, April 8th, on RFD-TV