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Bayer PLUS Rewards begins 2022 program year

Photo by Bayer

The 2022 Bayer PLUS Rewards program has returned for growers across the country with fresh enhancements.

INTERVIEW: Kim Helgen, Bayer PLUS Lead

Now in its third year, Bayer is introducing the Loyalty Rewards bonus feature to the program this year, according to Bayer PLUS Lead Kim Helgen. She explains that by sending all or a portion of their redemption check to an eligible retailer, growers will earn an additional 10% on their rewards dollars to spend on even more agronomic choices.

“The Bayer PLUS changes are mainly around we’re adding a sixth product in the Product Portfolio Incentive,” said Helgen. “We’re rewarding our growers for diversifying with the portfolio, really making smart agronomic choices, and we’re also adding the Loyalty Reward. The concept is if the growers send their rewards check to the retailer, they are going to get an extra 10% for really encouraging that next year purchase in 2023.”

The 2022 Bayer PLUS Rewards program features a new Product Portfolio Incentive tier that enables growers to start earning at $2/acre on two eligible products, and up to $6/acre on the sixth.

“The goal of Bayer PLUS is to reward growers for smart agronomic choices,” said Helgen. “The idea of the program is to encourage growers to consider maybe a post herbicide if they weren’t doing that in their weed management recommendation, or a fungicide application for disease, and rewarding them for thinking about those agronomic choices on their operation.”

To be a member of Bayer PLUS Rewards, Helgen says growers must sign up for the program, operate in qualifying U.S. geographies and purchase eligible products from an authorized retailer between September 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022. Growers must unlock to earn rewards using one of the two methods and qualify to redeem by earning a minimum of $1,500 in rewards.

“We’re looking forward to letting growers go in there and look at how our products and options can really reward them in their season this year,” said Helgen. “It’s very simple as long as you have your tech ID – or we can help you look that up – but for the 62,000 already enrolled, they don’t have to reenroll, so that’s great news.”

Visit MyBayerPLUS.com for more information.