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Bayer North American President: “It’s time to move on.”

Glyphosate and dicamba. Those two have been at the center of much litigation over the past few months and years. After a California jury awarded a plaintiff a windfall settlement in a glyphosate trial, there have been many cases coming forward claiming glyphosate was causing cancer. The claims of this have been going back and forth. As recently as last week, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against a cancer warning on the product.

On Wednesday, Bayer made an agreement that they say will allow them to move on from these litigations and look to the future.

Lisa Safarian is Bayer’s North American President. She says the agreement allows Bayer to settle cases and get back to doing business. Safarian says that business is innovation.

Safarian says that farmers have told her how much they rely on the availability of glyphosate and dicamba products. She says that Bayer is committed to making sure that those products are available for farmers to safely use.

Dicamba’s reregistration process is still moving forward with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Safarian says that this agreement is not going to be an impediment to the process. Bayer remains confident that its Xtendimax® products will be registered again.

The core of some of their litigation has been with environmental groups. Safarian says that Bayer is committed to being focused both on safety and sustainably to help farmers be profitable.

In the end, Bayer is committed to safely moving forward with glyphosate and dicamba. Safarian says that Bayer is pleased to be able to move on from this litigation and will continue to stand behind the products and provide them for farmers in the future.

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