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Bayer excited for SmartStax® PRO launch in 2022

Bayer SmartStax Technology (Photo by Bayer)

The team at Bayer is excited to launch SmartStax PRO in 2022, which will be the company’s newest weapon in the fight against corn rootworm.

Denise Bouvrette is Bayer’s North America corn launch lead. She says SmartStax PRO is Bayer’s third generation of corn rootworm traits.

“Bayer is super excited about our SmartStax PRO technology,” Bouvrette said. “As you mentioned, this is our next generation of corn rootworm protection. This will be the first product in the market that offers three modes of action for corn rootworm control. It combines the proven benefits of SmartStax technology, which your growers are pretty familiar with, with the addition of a unique RNAi-based mode of action. That will provide improved corn rootworm control over a range of pressures. You and I both know that adding additional modes of action is always important when we are dealing with these really difficult and challenging pests.”

At the end of January, Bayer received a safety certificate for import and feed use from China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This marked the final hurdle for the commercial introduction of the product.

“This approval enables us to move forward with our commercialization plans in the United States,” Bouvrette said. “For 2021, we are expanding our commercial testing and doing some on-farm grower market development trials, and we’re also ramping up our supply for our commercial introduction with growers in 2022. This expansion of our testing plans really allows us to fully characterize our products that work best for our customers, so we can make the best recommendations about the products that launch.”

Bouvrette says SmartStax PRO technology continues Bayer’s commitment to offering the best technologies available to producers.

“Being the first product on the market with three modes of action for corn rootworm – and different unique complementary modes to really come at that bug from multiple angles – I think that’s really going to help our growers ensure that they are able to protect their plant roots and the yield potential right from the start.”

Bouvrette adds the best way to get more information about SmartStax PRO technology is to contact your local Bayer representative.