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BAYER Continues to Invest in Agriculture

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by Ben Nuelle

Bayer continues investing in agriculture with new seed treatments. The major ag company announced their continued development of Poncho/Votivo 2.0 at Farm Progress Show Tuesday.

Jennifer Riggs is Product Development Manager with Bayer and she says, “Poncho/Votivo 2.0 is actually adding a second biological to the product Poncho/Votivo, that’s been on the market now for six years. What it does is bring a complementary biological that utilizes nutrients in the soil.” Riggs continues by explaining, “Poncho/Votivo brings an insecticide protection as well as growth promotion. The second biological is optimizing the use of nutrients from the organic manner in the soil.”

Riggs says it does that by enhancing the microbial population. “That release allows the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium to be released. You see that the plants then pick up those extra nutrients from the added microbial population and result in leaf tissue that’s higher in nitrogen late in season and it all amounts to another 4 bushels on top of the Poncho/Votivo 10 bushels. So, we are in for a total of 14 bushels.”

Much of the yield potential for corn is determined within the first 4-6 weeks after planting. “When you see more leafs and bigger leafs you know your plant is photosynthesizing better. It then is being able to put more energy into the plant. It all goes toward that yield potential, and providing the highest yield. So, we are adding more yield to what we already had with Poncho/Votivo, with the added 2.0, Riggs says.”