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Bayer commits to new crop protection tool with Diflufenican

When it comes to weed protection, the biggest problem is not killing the weeds. Sure, resistance can happen, and has happened in the past. This is nothing new and is not something that companies feel ashamed about happening. The biggest challenge is staying one step ahead of the weeds. They are always adapting with each new growing season. With new chemistry still years up the pipeline, companies are looking at different ways of using existing and underutilized chemistries. That is what Bayer is doing with its new line of crop protection that uses Diflufenican.

Frank Rittemann is a Product Manager for Corn, Soy, and Cotton herbicides with Bayer. He tells us about the Diflufenican molecule and its use in other markets in Europe and other global markets. It has been overlooked for use in North America. Now they are waiting for registration with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It will be marketed under the commercial name Convintro.

Rittemann talks about the control effectiveness Convintro and Diflufenican will give producers against Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp in a pre-emergence program.

Rittemann says that the way the EPA conducts its evaluations for registration, they are hoping for the ability to have Convintro™ ready for the 2024 growing season. That means more trials will be conducted around the country, and they will home in on how to best add it to your herbicide treatment program.

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