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BASF’s Revysol fungicide line ready for 2020

BASF is excited to announce their Revysol ingredient fungicide line will be ready for producers to use in 2020. Revysol received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this summer, which clears its way into the market place for corn, soybeans, and more.

Audio: Full Interview with BASF’s Paula Halibicki

Paula Halabicki is a Technical Marketing Manager for BASF. She talks about the rollout of the new Revysol line for 2020.

Halabicki says the binding capability of Revysol coupled with its versatility amongst different crops is what sets it apart from other fungicides in the market.

2020 is poised to give us some disease challenges because of the effects of 2019. Halabicki says the Revysol products will be able to provide both preventative and curative options for growers going into what will be a very different year.

To find out more about Revysol products, visit the BASF website or talk with your local BASF rep.