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BASF wants to educate farmers on the options they have available

Photo courtesy of BASF

There are always new innovations in agriculture. Right now, it feels as though the information is coming at you at 90 miles an hour. It is hard to always determine what is best for your operation before you miss out on an opportunity. How do you sort it all out? BASF is not only working to bring you the best innovation they can, but they are also helping you adopt and understand what technologies are available to you.

Scott Kay is Vice President of U.S. Crop Protection at BASF. He talks about bridging the gap between the data and farmers’ understanding of how to use it. He breaks down the figures of how farmers will adopt new technologies and practices. They are really targeting the 60% in the middle.

Kay says that BASF is investing a million dollars a day into the research and development of chemistries and technologies. He says that out at the test farms, BASF is “failing forward, so you don’t have to.” This means they are taking the guesswork out of new technologies by making mistakes in trials, so farmers don’t waste precious input dollars.

If you are looking into trying new technologies, Kay shares ways you can get help from BASF and the tools that are available for producers. This includes their Grow Smart Live app.

Kay also updates us on the importance of its Operation Weed Eradication. It goes beyond herbicide technologies. There are mechanical and physical ways of getting weeds as well. You need to look at options that kill weeds without creating resistance. Just one plant escape can leave hundreds of thousands of potential weeds next season.

To learn more about BASF technologies and practices, visit their website or your local BASF retailer.