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BASF has the tools to attack 2019 weeds in 2020

Photo courtesy of BASF

Wet fields and prevent plant acres are the story in many midwestern states. Some of these fields have remained black all year. However, they are still needing to have their weeds controlled. If you have a field which has become overrun with weeds due to poor conditions in 2019, don’t fear. BASF has the tools and advice to get you ahead of the problem for 2020.

Dr. Daniel Waldstein is a Technical Marketing Manager for BASF. He talks about some of the challenges prevent plant acres in 2019 will have on 2020 as far as weed control goes.

Waldstein says if you want to get ahead of carryover weed pressure, you need to start as early as possible with a good foundation. Then following up with the right post-emergence herbicides to give solid residual coverage. If you do it right, you can get your weed coverage applied in two passes.

Water hemp is going to pose the hardest challenge if you couldn’t control it in prevent plant fields this year. Waldstein has some options for you to get back ahead of this most stubborn of weeds in 2020.

If you can couple smart herbicide applications with some non-herbicide management options including row spacing, plant population, fertilizer targeting, or cover crops; you can get ahead of the weeds again in 2020.

For more information on BASF weed control products, visit your local retailer.