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BASF excited to be with farmers from seed to harvest in 2022

Photo courtesy of BASF

2022 is officially underway. We have no idea what this year has in store for us, like we had no idea last year either. There are always new challenges for producers when they get the year going. Everything that happens will affect the bottom line, and likely the prices you get for your crops. What you need to have is a partner that is with you from start to finish in a growing season. BASF is excited to be that partner for Iowa farmers.

Audio: Full interview with BASF’s Doug Little

Doug Little is a Soybean Marketing Manager for BASF. He talks about how BASF can be that partner that has your back from spring tillage to fall tillage.

Little says that it all begins with the seeds you choose before the growing season starts. Little talks about the options they bring to Iowa farmers for soybean seeds. He starts with the Credenz® soybeans, specifically the LLGT27 trait. It stands up to Liberty Link herbicide as well as glyphosate.

Little also talks about the Xitavo™ soybeans they offer. These offer triple-stack options for Liberty Link, 2,4-D, and glyphosate traits.

Little says from there you can work with a BASF agronomist, or BASF will work with your agronomist to make sure they quickly identify your needs and the products that can help you have the strongest growing season possible in 2022.

For more information on BASF products, visit the BASF website, or talk to your local BASF retailer.