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BASF creates tool to help farmers make a profit

It’s no lie farmers are dealing with challenging times. A chemical company recently released new tools to help farmers make a profit during this low farm economy.

Neil Bentley is Director of Marketing for BASF.

They recently launched at tool called Grow Smart.

“Grow Smart is our approach of going to market. It has four key pillars. The first is having the best in the industry. A farmer in your area should be reaching out to an innovation specialist from BASF to talk with those people who have come from broad and diverse backgrounds to help them with their purchasing decisions.”

The next pillar is portfolio.

“We have a broad portfolio of products to personalize to that farmers very specific operations and needs. When we put it all together it is about bringing that risk protection. Risk protection is having a plan built out and finally focusing on Grow Smart advantages like cash flow in their operation to pull it all together.”

Bentley adds even with the low farm economy there is still room to make a profit.