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Bangladeshi Man Named 2015 World Food Prize Laureate

World Food Prize Laureate Sir Fazle Hasan of BRAC speaks at press conference Thursday morning October 15th at The World Food Prize.

A Bangladeshi man will be honored at the 2015 World Food Prize Laureate Awards Ceremony tonight. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed of Bangladesh created what many say is the world’s effective largest non-profit organization which focuses on food insecurity and poverty.

The organization is the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee which began in 1972. BRAC has helped 150 million people worldwide improve their lives by enhancing food security and guide people out of poverty. Abed found ways to provide rural village and farm women with tools they needed to take control of their lives and help them make a difference in their communities. Abed says it is a great honor to receive such recognition.

“I feel very humbled to receive this recognition and I also realize it is not just a recognition of my work but hundreds of BRAC staff that work in 11 different countries around the world. They are all recipients of this prize too. It is my colleagues and co-workers who have done all this and I share this with them”.

The agriculture and food security programs developed by Abed and BRAC have helped more than 500,000 farmers gain access to efficient farming techniques, proven technologies and financial support services.

The final day of the World Food Prize wraps up Friday October 16th.