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Axne urges House to take up USMCA vote

We have been hearing it for weeks. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the only person who can move the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) forward.” House Democrats have asked for assurances and changes to environmental, labor, and enforcement clauses in the agreement. Some Republicans have charged the Democrats are holding up USMCA for political gain. On Tuesday, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said for the first time he was pessimistic about USMCA’s chances of getting through the House of Representatives. Wednesday, Democratic Representative Cindy Axne (IA 3rd) took the floor of the U.S. House to urge the USMCA trade pact forward.

Representative Cindy Axne used her floor time to urge her colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle to get USMCA done.

Axne said the message she is receiving from the 16 counties in her district is clear, “uncertainty is hurting the economy.”

Axne highlighted the toll this is taking on the agriculture industry, which is the backbone of the Iowa economy. Axne says supporting farmers is not a “partisan or political issue”, and farmers in Iowa have been, “put through enough.”

Representative Axne says it is time to, “answer the call”, and “get this deal done right and without unnecessary delay.”

The goal of all USMCA supporters is to have the trade pact passed by the end of the legislative year in November. Many agree that trying to push it through during a Presidential election year will be next to impossible.