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Axne discusses latest Ag Committee meeting on soil health

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As we draw closer to 2023 and the crafting of the next Farm bill, we are seeing talks happening in earnest on the House and Senate Ag Committees respectfully. Iowa 3rd District Congresswoman Cindy Axne is one of the Iowa delegation members sitting on that committee. She joined us to talk about what has been discussed in hearings over the past week. The meetings focused on soil health and rural broadband.

Today we will focus on the Soil health part of the discussions. Congresswoman Axne talks about why this is such an important topic in Iowa, and why farmers and landowners cannot afford to ignore it anymore.

Axne talked about her cover act which builds on the work started by former Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey and sets it up for the Federal level.

Obviously, you cannot switch from conventional to conservation farming and hope to see results overnight. It is a large investment for any size operation. Axne talks about any possible programs to help farmers through these kinds of transitions.

Tomorrow we will hear about the rural broadband discussions.