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Axne advocates for tighter SRE restrictions

Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) August 9th Small Refinery Exemption release for the 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard program (RFS), many pondered the result of the Administration’s policies. For Iowa, biofuel producing companies are certainly feeling the toll.

The world’s largest biofuels producer, POET, recently released a statement, presented by U.S Representative Cindy Axne, explaining their intention to cut jobs and production due to the updated Small Refinery Exemptions (SREs) per the RFS program. Through the program, small refineries are permitted hardship waivers through the EPA.

While these exemptions appear helpful, the waivers are being allocated in a manner which is proving detrimental to the small refinery industry, especially like that of Iowa.

Looking back to the earlier months of 2019, Representative Axne has worked to shed light on the issues taking root as a result of the SREs.

The politician utilized part of April for specific legislative action to provide permanent support for second generation biofuel producer tax credit with the goal of supporting Iowa farmers and workers, in order to reduce foreign oil dependency. A similar rendition occured in May. During the month, Axne rallied 35 Republicans and Democrats with hopes of gaining their autograph on a piece of literature parallel to her April letter. Following signatures, the letter was sent on to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

Most recently, during her statement regarding POET, Representative Axne firmly put another foot down for rural America.

“Iowa farmers have been warning this Administration for months about the devastating impact these waivers are having on our economy. We’re losing Iowa jobs as a direct result of Washington policies. Iowans are sick and tired of Washington lip service. It’s time this Administration lives up to its promise of protecting farmers and rural communities, not large oil companies,” said Axne.