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Attend a drone expo later this month

Source: Wikipedia Commons

by Ben Nuelle

A drone expo will take place later this month in Illinois and it has a lot of people buzzing.
The Midwest Drone Conference and Expo will take place in Decatur, Illinois January 26th and 27th. The show will a variety of educational speakers, commercial presentations, technology demonstrations, and trade show.

Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls has found a way to teach their students about drones through a USDA grant. Agriculture Faculty member Kevin Butt says Ellsworth is one of two community colleges with a fully bona-fide two- year precision Ag program.

“A lot of colleges may have a class or two on that subject but we have a full two-year degree program. What we do is work a lot with training our students to install equipment, train a person, and look at data. Then take all of the information and process the data.”

He adds drone don’t just benefit eyeing problems in crops but also find cattle too.

“Last year we had a local cattle operation that had some cattle get loose in late July and August. It was in corn fields. They spent days trying to find them and couldn’t find them. They bought a UAV and put it up above and found them in a couple of hours,” Butt says.

The Midwest Drone Conference and Expo begins at 9:00am January 26th at Decatur Conference Center and Hotel, in Decatur, Illinois. Find more information at midwestdroneshow.com.