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Asgrow expands Xtend soybean traits for 2020

Photo courtesy of Dekalb/Asgrow, by Bayer

Weeds show no mercy on your fields. If you have a gap in your weed control, they will find it. They always find ways to adapt to the latest weed technology. Producers and seed companies must always try to remain one step ahead of them.  Asgrow will be offering some new Round Ready Xtend traits for 2020.

Pete Uitenbroek works for Bayer on the Dekalb/Asgrow and Deltapine seed lines. We talked about the new XtendFlex traits which Asgrow hopes to have ready for 2020 use. These traits will allow growers some more choice in their fields.

Asgrow will also be expanding on the base Roundup Ready to Xtend traits into over 26 new varieties. These will continue Asgrow’s performance their producers have come to expect. This will make 2020 a promising year for farmers.

Uitenbroek says Asgrow’s commitment to research is what keeps them expanding what they can do with their trait technology.

For more information on Asgrow soybean varieties, see your local Asgrow sales rep.