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Asgrow builds out exclusive genetic offerings

Photo courtesy of Dekalb/Asgrow, by Bayer

“2019 will go in the record book as one of the most challenging years,” states Clint Chaffer, Asgrow brand manager. He firmly believes, however, a lot of good things came out of 2019. 

Two-thousand-and-nineteen tested soybean hybrids. Asgrow’s soybean lineup remained unphased by this challenge. Clint Chaffer, Asgrow brand manager, speaks to recent product performance.

“We have 100-percent exclusive genetics that show a consistent year-over-year performance advantage in a lot of challenging years,” Chaffer said. “When we compare our Xtend soybean system to Enlist, we have a five-and-a-half bushel advantage. Even last year, when we were looking at a challenging year. Then when we compare it to the Liberty system, we have a four-point-six bushel advantage.”

Asgrow looks forward to witnessing continued results in 2020.

“We’re coming out with 26 new products, based on our 100-percent exclusive genetics. (We’re) making sure we have all the disease tolerance we can within our soybean lineup,” Chaffer said. “In Iowa, we’re excited to look at our (AG)18XO, (AG)19XO, (AG)25XO, and (AG)27XO lineup. I think (it) will give farmers a lot of choice within those relative maturity bands.”

Asgrow builds each new product off of its 100-percent exclusive genetic offerings, providing greater crop protection, especially when it comes to disease.

“Disease within soybeans is top-of-mind for farmers, particularly going into wet years,” Chaffer said. “If we do have another wet spring, disease protection is a key piece to keep focused on.”