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Arysta Life Science’s Unlock 5 unlocks corn’s potential

Photo Courtesy of Arysta LifeScience

Let’s first get one thing out of the way. Unlock 5 is not a product, it’s a plan in tandem with Arysta products. The advancements in corn genetics have farmers producing some bushel numbers we never thought possible, but there is still more potential to unlock.

Audio: Full Interview with Lynn Justesen 

Lynn Justesen of Arysta Life Science says the unlock 5 program looks at the five stages of a plant’s life. This is nothing new but looking deeper into what your crop needs at each stage is critical.

Justesen says if the yield winner for the National Corn Growers’ yield contest raised 477 bushels per acre, but the USDA average was 176, where did the 301 bushels of production go? As far as the national yield contest, 477 is a bit of a drop. We have been over 500. This begs the question can we reach 600? 700? Further? Justesen says we are starting to understand how to unlock a plant’s potential.

We have only just scratched the surface of what Unlock 5 can do for you. To learn more, listen to my full interview with Lynn Justesen or visit the Unlock 5 website.