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Arkansas Has New State Tree: Palmer Amaranth

by Ken Root

Dr. Bob Scott Full Interview


While the market place is jumping on a stronger dollar and the prospect of the Dow hitting 20 thousand, farmers and agri-dealers are getting ready to face an uncertain year in 2017.

The change they are facing is weed resistance to traditional herbicides. Also encroaching weed species that are breaking through literally all herbicides labeled to control them.

Stories from Arkansas offer shocking proof that weeds can bankrupt a farmer.

I am in Illinois this week as moderator of a series of Resistance Fighter meetings sponsored by Syngenta.

Yesterday, I spoke with Dr. Bob Scott, an Extension weed specialist with the University of Arkansas.

The state is facing a number of challenges, he’s says,¬†“I’m a weed scientist, but I really have become a resistance management specialists. Herbicide resistance has become the biggest concern. If you’re talking about row crops you’re talking about Palmer Amaranth for us in Arkansas.”

Scott shared when it comes to getting ahead of the weeds, “I would like to tell you were are staying ahead of the pigweed,¬†unfortunately in 2015 we did see the development of PPO resistance.”

Thanks to Syngenta for this interview.