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Aquaculture emerges across Midwest

Photo Courtesy of Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Once upon a time, fish were grown in ponds. Today, a sizable amount of fish are grown on land.

A supply representative talks about the technology, which changed the aquaculture landscape.

Global Aquaculture Supply, based out of Alton, Iowa, provides equipment and services to the aquaculture industry. Greg Trusso, Global Aquaculture Supply director and founding member, says technology used throughout the aquaculture industry has changed over the years.

“Aquaculture was focused on fish grown in ponds,” Trusso said. “Then, aquaculture moved toward floating net pens, where you have a big cage full of fish out in the ocean. Now we’re seeing a big shift towards land-based, recirculating aquaculture systems, which is what our company focuses on. The (systems) use large, above ground tanks, sophisticated filtration systems, mechanical pumps and automation systems.”

Fisheries have utilized land-based, recirculating aquaculture systems for roughly 30 years. Trusso says the systems have reached “peak performance,” which has allowed more people to enter in the business.

“We’re starting to see them come into their best form now,” Trusso said. “Technology changes are increasing efficiency and lowering cost of production, so we can make a lower barrier of entry for new producers and make it more profitable for existing ones.”

Global Aquaculture Supply strives to help build the aquaculture industry.

“We proved the start-to-finish solution,” Trusso said. “What we want to do is enable our customers to produce whatever product they may have at the highest level of profitability. So make it (an) easy entry into aquaculture, help them get started and then make sure they know how to operate everything properly up until their first harvest and then, hopefully, continue to see them grow.”

For more information about Global Aquaculture Supply, visit globalaquaculturesupply.com.