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Aproach® Prima helps combat disease challenges

Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience

Plant diseases showed up early in the crop season, with the help of ample rainfall.

A look at how producers handled disease issues throughout the growing season.

Plant diseases harbor in soils during the winter months and start to creep up between early to mid-season. Nick Dame, U.S. product manager for fungicides with Corteva Agriscience, says growers saw high disease pressure early this spring, due to wet conditions.

“Early this season, we saw diseases moving in from the south,” Dame said. “We saw areas in southern Illinois and southern Indiana with Southern Rust. In Iowa, there was Gray Leaf Spot, Northern Corn Leaf Blight. The most prevalent disease right now, as you move to the Upper Midwest, is Frogeye Leaf Spot in soybeans.”

Corteva Agriscience also cites incidents of white mold and tar spot in Upper Midwest fields. Dame encourages producers to keep an eye out for these prevalent diseases, as a shift in weather promotes their spread.

“You want to look at preventing the disease. If you’re getting ahead of it with our picoxystrobin, the strobilurin chemistry is the preventative portion. Then it’s a two-way mix where you have a mix with cyproconazole and a triazole fungicide. That is going to be a more curative action, if you have a disease show up and need to manage after,” Dame said. 

Dame recommends the Aproach® Prima fungicide, when working against destroying diseases.

“I would highlight the movement and uptake of the product,” Dame said. “The picoxystrobin molecules rapidly absorb into the plant and redistribute throughout the canopy, very strong properties there. Looking at your economics/return on investment, it’s going to be a fair price product and fit the grower standard in that aspect as well.”