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Appropriations committees are moving Ag spending bills forward

Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

The Federal Government has until November 21st to fund itself or kick the can down the road. While the choices are being negotiated in the halls of Congress, both the House and Senate have passed Ag funding bills through their respective appropriation committees.

American Farm Bureau Congressional Relations Director R.J. Karney says both Houses of Congress have bills funding agriculture programs through fiscal year 2020.

The main cause for the differences in funding amounts comes from funding USDA’s moving of departments to Kansas City, and a difference in allocations for a Farmers Stress Assistance Network.

There are reports of continuing resolutions to keep the government funded only an additional month, some call for funding until February, and one plan calls for an additional year of funding.

Both houses of Congress would need to approve Ag funding legislation and iron out their differences in conference committee.