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Applications for the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program

by Whitney Flach

The Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program (YCLP) consists of a series of educational sessions designed to develop leadership qualities in young cattle farmers. The Association, is currently taking applications for the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Program through October 1st. The application for the program asks participants to explain why they are interested in being in the program, as well as explaining their goals for the future of the cattle industry.

Mmebers will tour beef production facilities, learn about trending cattle production issues, governance of Iowa Cattle Association, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, communication skills, and legislative processes.

YCLP graduates consistently take on new leadership roles within the industry, improve their own operations as a result of YCLP, and truly serve as ambassadors for the next generation of cattle producers

Jennifer Miller from Clarke County from the class of 2014 said, “I enjoyed being able to network with producers from around the state and visit a variety of cattle operations. YCLP also gave me a better understanding of the Iowa Cattlemen Associations, their goals, and their commitment to the cattle men and women in Iowa.”

The application can be downloaded from the ICA website, www.iacattlemen.org. Any questions about the program, contact Adair Lents at adair@iabeef.org, or call 515-296-2266.