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Another product to guard against SDS

Photo courtesy of Syngenta

A fungicide seed treatment, which aims to provide better protection against one of the leading soybean diseases, is under review at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Syngenta anticipates final approval of Saltro® seed treatment early this fall. Dale Ireland, technical product lead with Syngenta, says the new product, containing Adepidyn, aims to provide better protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). 

“Saltro® is going to have activity on plant-parasitic nematodes, as well as Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), like the leading competitor. Although, it will be safer and more effective against SDS,” Ireland said.

Ireland speaks to the need for a product like Saltro.® 

“Sudden Death Syndrome is one disease U.S. soybean growers find to be very emotional in that you have all your inputs, soybean crops looks good, then in August you start seeing chlorosis, yellowing in your leaf canopy and are not sure what’s happening. That’s oftentimes Sudden Death Syndrome,” Ireland said. 

Five-years worth of research indicates a three bushel advantage over similar products. 

Ireland looks forward to releasing this new product, as it provides growers another option when it comes to controlling disease and parasites in soybeans.