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Ample moisture wreaks havoc across cattle country

Photo by Anna Hastert

United States cattle producers have their work cut out for them, as heightened precipitation levels continue to sweep across the nation.

State officials recorded wetter than normal conditions for January. Meteorologists forecasted wet conditions, coming off of Iowa’s tenth wettest year. Additional precipitation amounts challenge Midwest cattle producers.

Layne Anderson, senior cattle specialist with Purina, says producers look forward to drier weather. 

“We’ve had more moisture throughout the Upper Midwest region, and it brings a lot of problems along with it. We’ve had health issues because of the wet springs, (and) it’s been difficult to put up quality forage. Some producers are a bit strapped, having to use their crop input money into buying hay and forage for cows. (Then) all of the other things that come along with slogging through mud and moving cows to keep them dry and not tromp up your pastures,” Anderson said.

Herdsmen prioritizing animal health during adverse weather shall be rewarded with “quality cattle, which continue to gain weight during pre-weaning,” according to Anderson. He recommends contacting your independent Purina dealer for feed assistance. 

“We have a whole array of products and a different set of feeding rates for those products, depending on forage availability and the expectations of the producer and what (he or she) wants to accomplish with those feed products,” Anderson said.