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America’s Best Shops – 4

By Jim Patrico
Progressive Farmer Contributor

Dave Geise’s friends tease him: That shiny new farm shop he recently built is not really a shop, they say, it’s a “shouse.” Or, maybe it’s a “barndominium.” Whatever they call the structure, Geise is proud of it. “It’s a dream come true,” he said of the 127 feet-by-60 feet Morton building that seamlessly marries the utility of a shop with the comforts of a house.

On the shop side, Geise’s “shouse” contains two service and storage bays for equipment, and a mezzanine for smaller storage. On the house side, it contains a kitchen, dining room, entertainment space, a corner office with big windows and — maybe most importantly — a wrap-around porch that offers awe-inspiring views of Iowa’s rolling Loess Hills.

All of this sits about 100 yards from the Geise’s four-bedroom house outside of Logan, Iowa.

Why build a “shouse” when you have a house so close?

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