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American Lamb wants you to “Feed Your Adventurous Side”

Photo courtesy of American Lamb

A national livestock committee aims to create a wonderful eating experience for consumers interested in trying something different.

The American Lamb Board strives to develop and expand markets for sheep and sheep products. Jim Percival serves as chairman of the American Lamb Board. Percival talks about the Board’s recent campaign, called “Feed Your Adventurous Side.”

“We’ve done research with our partners and identified a group of consumers that are interested in having something different. Lamb is different. It’s great, high quality and high tasting protein. Those consumers are stepping up to the plate and trying lamb, some of them for the first time,” Percival said.

Percival reports the American Lamb Board has received positive feedback thus far. Targeted consumers claim to enjoy the versatility and taste of lamb.

“Lamb is such a tasty and versatile protein,” Percival said. “It’s a high quality protein like pork and beef, but the taste of lamb is what makes it different. It’s a versatile protein. ‘You can use lamb in just about any dish you could use beef in.”

“Feed Your Adventurous Side” has taken off in coastal regions – Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C. American Lamb also reports seeing the campaign take off in other markets, such as Austin, Texas.

The Board plans to help new consumers find lamb in the marketplace upon introduction.

“American lamb has a unique profile, different from any other protein and imported lamb. One of the challenges that we have is to make sure our consumers, those folks that we are targeting through the adventurous program, know where to go and how to acquire this lamb,” Percival said.