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America to decide NAFTA’s fate

Source: Wikipedia

Top trade officials will continue to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement this week. A Canadian Institute says vocal support from the United States will be crucial in determining the future of the agreement.

Colin Robertson serves as vice president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Robertson tells Farmscape Canada  the ultimate fate of NAFTA lies in the hands of America.

“On the American side, the threat of the end of NAFTA has brought support that we thought was there, but never actually saw materialize. Now it has materialized, particularly amongst the farm community and amongst a lot of the major manufacturers. The farm community is particularly important because most of the farm community voted for Donald Trump.”

Robertson says while the debate is not likely to be settled by Canadian efforts, Canada rolls out major efforts to remind America of their ability to remain a reliable trading partner, ally, friend and neighbor. Mexico also rolls out similar efforts.