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Agronomist talks about 2019’s challenges going towards harvest

Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is not unusual for there to be challenges facing agriculture in different parts of the country. What has been unusual is the fact that the whole country is facing challenges to farming. An agronomist talks about the challenges which farmers need to be aware of going into the home stretch of 2019.

Audio: Full Interview with Agronomist Lance Tarochione

Lance Tarochione is an agronomist in Illinois. I spoke with him in the Bayer tent during the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. It was easy to talk about challenges facing Iowa growers because they are the same challenges facing growers across the corn belt.

Tarochione says the story of this year’s harvest will be variability. Not just from field to field or state to state, but the variability you may see from acre to acre.

Maturity concerns are at the top of mind. While the cooler temps can be comfortable for man or beast, they do not provide much help for late-planted crops. Especially in areas where the threat of an early frost is a real possibility.

The crops have seemed to weather disease pressure in many parts of the Midwest. Tarochione says as far as plant health goes, the crops look fantastic. However, these beautiful green fields are more a result of the plants being young, than them being a bumper crop. Don’t trust the 55 mph crop surveys.

I have heard it said by many agronomists and scouts. Now may be the best time for you to get to know your propane dealer. The odds of having to dry an immature crop may be very good.